Eminem hit the next significant milestone as a Spotify artist rounding the number of his followers up to 70 million.

Marshall remains the eighth most followed artist and the second most followed rapper on the platform. Drake, who is ranked higher, has moved down to No.5 over recent years. Considering that Marshall is currently gaining more followers than any other rapper, consistently being in the Top 5 gainers across all genres, and Drake is nowhere to be seen on the list, we can only assume that the gap between them will get even smaller soon.

Top 10 most followed artists on Spotify

1. Ed Sheeran — 111.7 million
2. Ariana — 90.1 million
3. Billie Eilish — 80.1 million
4. Arijit Singh — 75.4 million
5. Drake — 75 million
6. Taylor Swift — 73.6 million
7. Justin Bieber — 71.6 million
8. Eminem — 70.1 million
9. Bad Bunny — 68.6 million
10. BTS — 64.4 million

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