Irv Gotti has been beefing with Fifty for years now. Now it might look like they just exchanging bars on social media, but back then serious money was at stake, alongside blocked creative opportunities.

DJ, music producer, record executive, and the CEO and co-founder of Murder Inc. Records, Irv Gotti, a couple of years ago admitted during his interview with B. High of Hot 107.9 that he had blocked some labels from signing 50 Cent.

While Fifty doe not agree that Irv’s influence was that dominating, it was enough to make 50 Cent to refuse a deal with the Universal Music Group because of its ties with Gotti.

In one of his recent media appearances, Fif said:

Irv [Gotti] was talking in the interview and he was talking about he was blocking me. Like he was blocking everything. He said, “I blocked him into a good situation”. And it just went off. And, I saw the situations I didn’t feel where he felt he was blocking me at that point. But I wouldn’t do business with anyone who had direct associations or any influence on the things that they had that were working. So they offered me a million three to do a G-Unit and my solo album at Universal and I just turned the deal down. [Tony] Yayo didn’t understand he was like, “What? A million three you not gone do it, what? That’s like saying we hit the lottery and you not going to pick up the ticket!”. And I’m like, “Nah it’s not the right deal”, because it’s in the Universal system. Def Jam and those guys were already making money from that system. Where they could influence and sabotage everything that I had going.

Watch the clip published by HipHopDX:

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