The hip hop world is buzzing after J. Cole did a complete 180 on his surprise diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar on “Might Delete Later”, and 50 Cent has his own unfavourable opinion on the matter.

Cole, known for keeping it real, issued a public apology during his Dreamville Festival set, leaving everyone scratching their heads.

Apparently, the pressure to stir up some beef got the best of Cole. He admitted feeling conflicted, acknowledging his deep respect for Kendrick’s talent. Cole went on to diss the diss itself, calling it “the lamest, goofiest shit”. He then offered a heartfelt apology to Kendrick and the fans, hoping it wouldn’t damage their relationship.

But J. Cole’s apology wasn’t met with universal praise. Hip hops heads did not accept the idea that a rapper might feel sorry for dissing and offending somebody and thought Cole should have followed through no matter what. Enter 50 Cent, who was seemingly a little bit late hearing the news. Fif took to social media, clearly confused, posting a screenshot of the article on the matter with the caption:

WTF how I miss this, J. Cole call my phone, right now!

This whole situation is a head-scratcher. Did Cole feel pressured to manufacture a beef? Will Kendrick respond to the apology (or the original diss)? And what in the world is 50 Cent planning? One thing’s for sure: the hip hop drama never sleeps.

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