Dre sparked some lighthearted fun on Instagram with a playful reveal of Stevie Wonder’s favourite greeting.

The Good Doctor posted a pic of himself and the music legend with the caption:

Just bumped into my hero and every musician’s favorite, Stevie Wonder… Stevie said ‘It’s good seeing you.’

The internet loved it. Flavor Flav, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes, N.O.R.E. – all chimed in with laughing emojis and playful comments. It seems Stevie’s got a signature greeting, even if it might not be 100% accurate!

This isn’t the first time Dre has crossed paths with Stevie. While a collaboration between these two titans would be legendary, Dre actually turned down a chance to work with Wonder. Apparently, they connected over a sample clearance for a Marsha Ambrosius track. Stevie, ever the perfectionist, wasn’t feeling the lyrics initially, so Dre tweaked them.

After the changes, Stevie suggested they write a song together! Dre, as he told Kevin Hart during the interview, “didn’t show up”. Can you imagine a Dre and Stevie Wonder collab?

Dre admits he was starstruck and unsure of his role with a legend like Stevie in the studio. A missed opportunity for sure, but a hilarious story nonetheless. Maybe one day, Dre will muster the courage to cook up a track with Stevie Wonder. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for classic Dre beats and Stevie’s timeless vocals – both incredible in their own right.

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