Fifty dropped a bomb of announcement on his Instagram and disappeared without further explanations. Whatever it is, it’s going to be big.

Fif’s post was short and expressive. He captioned a classic GTA IV logo with:

I will Explain this later, GLG🚦GreenLightGang this shit bigger than POWER trust me. 💣BOOM💨

So far, there two dominant theories floating around. One, is that 50 Cent will get involved in the next GTA installemend. Probably, in the same way as Dr. Dre was with GTA Online. Back in late 2021, Dre released six new songs through the game and employed some big names to enrich the sound.

Points againsta this thery are that, first of all, Vice City is an iconic and very specific chapter of the GTA universe and Fif wouldn’t use it to undevertise some future possible instakkment ro the franchise. Also, Fifty indeed has been hinting heavily at releasing new music this year. But he also declared that he is now interested in promoting it, he would just drop it beccause he want his fans to listen to it. This elaborate heist with embedding new songs into the new game that doesn’t even exist yet feels excessive.

The other theory deserves more attention. And it takes into account Fifty’s growing power as a TV producer. Considering that Vice City with its unmistakable 1980s vibe and tight storyline easily lends itself to TV adaptation, it is not difficult to imagine that 50 Cent is working on bringing it to TV. And it is happening, unnless why announce it?

This being told, either of those two options might bring us a new collaboration with Eminem. There is no need to rehash how many times he hoped on Fifty’s track. And now we know that Fif can bring him onscreen. Marshall took part in the BMF TV show in an apisode directed by 50 Cent himself. What if his next role would be bigger and longer?

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