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Lately, the Internet was shaken by the information that Eminem was the most streamed rapper globally in 2022. Now, there is a breakdown by country.

Marshall was No.1 across all genres in 2 countries, No.2 in one country, and within the Top 10 in five.

The highest slot Eminem has earned in Canada with 159 million views. He stayed on top, exactly where he was in 2021.

With 106 million gained in Australia, Em moved one step up since 2021.

In the UK Eminem sits at No.2 with 237 million views. It is well behind Ed Sheeran (305 million) but well ahead of D-Block Europe (186 million). Marshall has retained the No.2 spot he enjoyed last year.

In Germany, Em is the highest charting foreign artist. The Top 5 is filled by local rappers, who blocked Rammstein from the top half of the ranking. So Marshall with his 134 million views is the top foreign artist in the Top 10. The top of only two, the second being Ed Sheeran. While Ed Sheeran dropped to his No.10 from No.5 registered in 2021, Marshall was not on this list at all last year.

In the US Marshall climbed improved his position, compared with 2021, and is ranked 8th with 1.24 billion gained last year.

Other countries show that the local public listens mostly to local artists, keeping their numbers high enough to dominate the charts. So you might think that No.17 on the global chart is not that high for Eminem. However note that the whole Top 10 is occupied by Indian, Latin and Korean artists, who have an unbelievably vast audience. Eminem is the most streamed US artist on the list with over 5 billion views. Also, since last year, he has improved his position by 11 points; an achievement, which is difficult to deny.

The full breakdown and analysis you can find on the Chartmasters website.

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