Wearing an Eminem t-shirt, Boogie is spitting fire on his new freestyle.

Halfway through the verse, the Compton hailed rapper takes time to say thank you to Marshall, who signed him to Shady Records in 2017 and just recently signalled his approval to Boogie’s upcoming second album on the label:

Shoutout Eminem, he came to Compton just to save me,
But ask my hoes, they let you know who really shady

The Shady Records artist posted a backstage photo from the video shoot earlier this week, and now we can see the result of his hard work.

There is a strong temptation to interpret this shoutout and visual links to Eminem as a sign that Em will be featured on Boogie’s sophomore album. Knowing Marshal, though, we unlikely to have any confirmation of this idea until the actual drop.

Watch Westside Boogie – Coochie [Freestyle] below:

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