On a new wave of list-craze that swept over the hip-hop world, T.I. made his own list, discussed and remade it, and now everybody wonders why in this list Kanye has got higher than Eminem, what impact Drake had made that placed him over Em and Lil Wayne etc, etc.

New York born Wacka Flocka, who was referenced in “Rap God” and who more than once paid respect to Eminem’s talent, took to Instagram with a video because he had something to say about this obsession:

Aye, look man. All that, that list everybody doing and shit. That little rap list shit. […] I don’t see niggas in the EDM world saying who the number one this, or in the pop world. Why every time it come to our community, we gotta compete to be number one? Fuck being number one, bruh. Who get most money on shows, who got ice? Who doing shit for they community? Who really was broke five years ago and really up like fuck? Nigga, you number one. Who really knocking out these shows? C’mon, bruh. That’s really number one, my boy. Stop letting that list get to y’all niggas head. That shit lame, bruh.

Wacka Flocka says that not because he was excluded from some of these recent lists, he made to “Atlanta Top 50 Rappers” so he is not bitter. He just wants you to focus on what is important.