An American multinational video hosting service providing music videos to YouTube published the Top 10 list, where Eminem is the only rapper.

The list includes, as usual, mostly pop stars, but Eminem was able to get to No.5 with 1.75 billion views received since the beginning of the year:

1. Karol G — 2.76 billion
2. Shakira — 2.49 billion
3. The Weeknd — 2.24 billion
4. Taylor Swift — 2.09 billion
5. Eminem — 1.75 billion
6. Imagine Dragons — 1.74 billion
7. Justin Bieber — 1.71 billion
8. J Balvin — 1.49 billion
9. Ariana Grande — 1.43 billion
10. Christian Nodal — 1.41 billion

As you can see, there is no other rapper inside the Top 10 and we cannot even guess the gap between Eminem and his competition.

Mind you, these are only Vevo numbers, the total YouTube count for Eminem is even higher than that.

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