After Royce’s family member contracted coronavirus, the rapper stepped in to fight spreading awareness, feeding healthcare workers and paying bills for those in need.

Yesterday Royce went live on Instagram with Chief Public Health Officer of the Detroit Health Department, asking questions and taking questions from his followers to make official information as accessible and comprehensive as possible and to raise awareness about pandemic and measures taken to fight it.

He also pledged to provide free meals to workers at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit starting this Monday. He said to The Detroit News:

I’m gonna keep making the round, just as a good gesture to show that we appreciate everything they do. We realize it’s super, super dangerous and super, super hectic at every hospital right now.

Detroit nurses have already shared photos of their lunch and shouted back to their resident rapper:

Royce is also helping out his fans getting in touch with those who struggle and helping them pay their bills. His next step is to organise support for the prison population amidst the outbreak of this pandemic. He explained to the newspaper:

I’m just going to keep doing as much as I can do. I want to lend anything that I have. Anything that I can lend. If it’s my voice, if it’s financially, if it’s volunteering my time. Whatever it is. If I can do it, I’m more than open to it.

The hip-hop superstar works on it from his own studio. To get confined to it is not a big issue for him personally, his routine has not changed much, admits Royce:

I don’t go outside for anything. Creatively, I can keep everything going. I love working by myself. I kind of like it this way.

Reportedly, he is going to go to the booth and lay down some new material. There is no creative break for a lyrical master turned producer who just released his powerful studio album “The Allegory”.

Listen to the album below:

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