Eminem New Album 2017: Possible Collaboration With Nicki Minaj, Album Is Expected To Be Released In This Year

With half a year left until the next Rolling Loud event, the organisers test the waters and ask followers who they would like to see on stage. Eminem, you said?

The official festival account started somehow shy, with a question:

Which legacy acts should we book next year? asking for our 30+ fans

The tweet received over 300 likes and 150 replies, so the account upped the ante and started feeding the audience suggestions. Bone thugs? Ludacris? T-pain? Paul Wall? What about Nelly? Every name got its share of support, but it all was dwarfed by the reaction to one short name — Eminem. At the moment, the tweet with this option copped almost 5 thousand likes and counting. The next most popular suggestion, a G-Unit reunion, has over 500 likes.

The next Rolling Loud event is scheduled for March 2023 and will take place in California. Do you think Eminem should accept the invitation from festival organisers?

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