Second generation rapper from Maryland Rico Nasty revels that among many music influences she was growing up with, Eminem made an impact that has changed her perspective.

Rico Nasty is one of over 30 musicians that the People magazine has interviewed to celebrate hip hop’s 50th anniversary. One of the questions to Rico touched upon hip hop legends she listened to and the influence they brought. Apparently, that was Eminem who impressed her so much that she started thinking about rap as a career.

And I know with your dad, he would be playing Nas, JAY-Z, Eminem throughout your early years. Is there an album or song that made you feel like you wanted to do this for a living?

Oh no. You know what’s so crazy, it was “Stan” on the Marshall Mathers LP… It was “Stan” by Eminem that made me want to be a rapper. I loved how it invoked every emotion. You felt scared, you felt excited, on the edge… It was almost like a horror movie. On the edge of your seat, waiting to see if this person was going to make the right decision. You almost feel bad for this person. It was very cinematic, that movie, it felt… that video was so cinematic. And then it also gave me a perspective that I never really had before, which was like, “Yeah, a lot of these people, they have fans, but some of these people have fans that are…” They’re die hard, man. They wait for your responses. And that was… besides Tyler and Nicki Minaj, that was my first example of what a fan was, low key, just obsessive. He even looked like him. He even looked like him in the video. That was crazy.

You can read the interview in full on the magazine webpage.

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