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False alarm, Eminem fans.

Reports Monday of a new album from Slim Shady called Roots and a Feb. 3 announcement at the Grammy Awards are inaccurate.

That’s the word from Dennis Dennehy, Eminem’s spokesperson, in an e-mail sent Monday afternoon to MLive.com.

“Completely untrue,” Dennehy wrote. “There’s no album announcement coming.”

Eminem fans expressed plenty of excitement online Monday via Twitter and Facebook minutes after the website Hip-HopVibe.com claimed Eminem could drop his third new album in three straight years.

“Outside of this, the Detroit emcee has done collaborations with several other artists,” the website’s Fio Borrelli wrote. “But, rumor has it, he is looking to drop another album in 2015.”

Completely untrue. There’s no album announcement coming.” – Dennis Dennehy, Eminem’s publicist, on reports of a new album

Borrelli’s story, with zero sources, mentions that Dr. Dre and Xzibit could be involved in the project.

The headline to Borrelli’s story — still posted on the site as of 5:30 p.m. Monday — appears to take a much more definitive stance: “Eminem working on new album, titled “Roots,” will make announcement at Grammys.”

News of the report got picked up by Hip Hop DX and several other websites that cover the rap/hip hop music industry — before it was shot down by Eminem’s camp.

It’s unclear when Eminem could release another album, but don’t expect him to give up writing rhymes, releasing music and performing it anytime soon.

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, told MLive.com his friend’s work ethic in the studio still sets the standard for everyone affiliated with the 15-year-old Shady Records label.

“He goes to the studio like most people go to the office,” Rosenberg said. “So five days a week, typically Monday through Friday, he’ll be in the studio.

“It’s not quite nine to five — the hours tend to be quite longer — but he’s there everyday.”

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