Redman is one of the widely respected and renowned lyrical geniuses of hip hop. He knows what makes him different and says that Eminem is the only one who does the same thing.

HipHopDX caught Redman on the red carpet and asked about his writing process. This is what the hip hop veteran had to say:

When I’m sitting down actually orchestrating the rhyme, I really go into different dimensions of rhyming and word patterns. It’s real intricate. Another person who’s like that is Eminem. I’ve seen some of his writing patterns, and I’m like, okay… ‘Cause we talked about it one time, and it’s very intricate how we get our wordplay. So, that has to come down when I’m sitting. But as far as walking around and maybe out this event, I’ll get something to say or pick up something that’d be important.

Watch the video below:

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