Almost exactly a year ago, Randy Chriz dropped a fan-made lyric video for “Godzilla”. Now his work is on the official Eminem YouTube channel.

“Godzilla” was made by Randy Chriz from Sri Lanka and the production company Meraki United based on the same island. The video featured his recognisable art style, dynamic storyline and deep knowledge of Eminem’s legacy.

Marshall noticed Randy’s work and commissioned a lyric video for “Tone Deaf” from him. Celebrating his work going public, Randy tweeted:

I never expected this to happen,
But I worked for it every day of my life…
@Eminem Thank you!

#MakingItHappen #eminem #animation #hardwork

Imagine this trajectory. Randy made his first ever music lyric video as a solo artist in 2018, and Eminem was his inspiration. That was a video for “Believe” from Eminem’s album “Revival”.

Talking about hard work… A couple of weeks ago, Randy shared a picture from what we can recognise as his “Godzilla” lyric video with a rough estimation of the effort that went into it:

Took half a day to guess-timate the size of my latest project. 468hrs.
12 scenes
65,000+ layers
600+ cameras
160+ rendered video clips
All compiled into the final edit.
On top of which lyrics were added amounting to roughly 3,000 more layers.
@Adobe @AdobeAE Is that normal?

Watch Eminem — “Godzilla” [Music Video] feat. Juice WRLD — Fan Made by Randy Chriz