After the “Godzilla” director posted a story teasing his new project, Eminem fans believe that the long-rumoured collaboration between Marshall and Posty is in the making.

Bennett’s Instagram story was deleted almost immediately. However, its screenshot provided enough clues for the restless mind, and these clues pointed in two directions at once: Eminem and Post Malone.

The connection to Eminem was, perhaps, too obvious to be plausible. Still, it is difficult to ignore the giant M&M mascot figure in the background. At the same time, its colour makes a neat visual link to Post Malone – it is his signature yellow that with the combination with barbed wire, another Posty’s signature mark tattooed on his face, were featured on the “Rockstar”. And yes, the barbed wire was also present in the picture.

Of all possible comments, the young Lyrical lemonade director chose two enigmatic emojis to leave: a “shushing face” and an “oh my”. It means that there will be no more comments until the big reveal. And the speed with Cole deleted the story implies that mysterious artists in question are incredibly secretive.

It might be another hint that Eminem is involved, he is notoriously dead bent on dropping nothing but surprise records in recent years.

This picture almost certainly refers to Post Malone, and if Eminem is indeed the second half of this equation, it means that the joint White Gold was talking about in January came alive.

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