One of the most persistent myths in the Eminem fandom is the lost Grail of “Relapse 2”. Its existence was heavily implied by the management, but the project has never been released. Now Marshall puts these expectations to rest.

Paul asked Eminem how he felt about “Relapse”, which admittedly might be one of the most cursed Em’s projects, and Marshall himself was very vocal criticising it. Now, Em might not be as harsh, but the Relapse vibe is not something he is dreaming of reviving:

I don’t have a problem with some of the rhymes, and I don’t have a problem with some of the verse’s choices lyrically. It’s just the accents. I feel like I sounded so demented in that shit, I got cemented in that shit. And then I painted back, bitch, and then I went to scratch itch. It was literally like a fucking awakening, and it happened in fucking 5-10 minutes. Listening to some of my older shit and going, “I need to feel like this again”. On the first song I did, the one Mr. Porter did, “On Fire”.

Paul wanted Marshall to come clear about the possibility of the Relapse sequel. Everybody knows, he had plenty of songs recorded. Even after “Relapse: Refill” deluxe and massive leaks, there must be something left! Eminem doesn’t try to deny it. But also, he is very clear: he will not be releasing “Relapse 2”:

There is probably enough to make another Relapse 2. But they are terrible songs. And if they didn’t even make it to the album on “Relapse”. And you know how I feel about “Relapse”. It should say something. There is no “Relapse 2”.

Listen to the segment below:

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