01 Eminem Wembley Stadium 11.07.2014 by JEREMY DEPUTAT

50 Cent brought Eminem another lucrative deal that Marshall preferred not to pay attention to.

Fifty mentioned it during his interview on the Big Boy Neighbourhood, discussing new opportunities the Super Bowl performance had brought him:

Because of the Super Bowl, I got an inquiry about the World Cup, and they had a budget of $9 million. I would’ve taken one and then the other eight would have been for him. It’s for a one-off. I’m just saying. If you would do a one-off show, maybe you would do the biggest live sporting event.

Did Fifty talk to Eminem about this opportunity? Not quite, but close enough, Fif says:

I got to call, talked to Paul and everybody around. He was like, “[Em]’s not gonna do it, not gonna move”.

This attitude should not surprise anyone who knows at least something about Eminem. He can afford to do things he likes and believes in without compromising his principles. And of course, he does not need to contribute to any controversial projects but his own. And the controversy around the FIFA World Cup in Qatar was big enough to make such artists as Dua Lipa, Rod Stewart, and Shakira refuse to perform in the country on this occasion.

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