The 20th “8 Mile” anniversary reminded many that this hip hop movie is iconic and made people think that it’s time to make a sequel about B-Rabbit’s success. Not everybody agrees.

Grammy-winning producer Mike WiLL Made-It tweeted in October 2022:

Eminem needs to do 8 Mile 2. His story when he got the deal and shxt went up…

Following this suggestion, the TMZ reporters ambushed Mekhi Phifer, an actor who starred against Marshall in “8 Mile” as David “Future” Porter, to get his perspective on the probability of such an endeavour. The actor, who says to be staying in touch with Em, decisively shot down any hope:

Sometimes it’s best to leave at one. Sometimes it’s best to leave it alone. Once you make a classic, there is no reason to fool around with it.

Has there been any conversation about it, a reporter asked anxiously. Are you sure it’s never gonna happen?

Nope. Never. As I said, leave the classic alone, and it’ll be all good. Just live with the 8 Mile. The story that we told it’s a story. It could be interesting, but I wouldn’t be in it, and I’m sure Eminem wouldn’t be in it, either.

Mr. Phifer generally gives out a vibe of a good reliable friend who is not eager to speculate or talk on somebody’s behalf. He shows respect and appreciation for people not because of their celebrity status but based on their true character.

Watch the video below:

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