Part of the XXL 2020 Freshman Class, this young rapper has already had some sharp career turns and an earned understanding of how to measure greatness.

NLE Choppa sat down with Nick Cannon to talk about his new single, being consistent with a more than healthy lifestyle, and, of course, his hip hop Mount Rushmore.

It is noteworthy that NLE Choppa not only shared his personal top 5 artists but also explained the criteria he used to measure their success, which is their overall impact. He seemed to feel the need to justify including Marshall in his list, as his other four choices were not likely to be questioned. Despite being interrupted by Nick Cannon, NLE Choppa managed to express his opinion:

Tupac, Jay[-Z], Nicki [Minaj], [Lil] Wayne, Eminem. That makes sense. Because I look at it as how many people want to be like them. Eminem… I feel like, a lot of people from our community are not preached upon to be an Eminem fan, but it should be a statistic of how many white people wanted to rap after Eminem did that.

Watch the video below:

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