Big Proof’s son has been carving his path in the music industry for years now. His relation to iconic rappers are both an advantage and a challenge, Nasaan muses on his new track “Underrated”.

The visuals and the song were recorded in Royce da 5’9’s studio Heavens, demonstrating how wide Nassan’s support system is.

The young lyricist raps:

Plaques? Stats? Can’t cope this conversation
But still will walk in Marshall’s office
And talk as though I’m the fucking greatest

These lines are reminiscent of what Nasaan said earlier, how he sometimes becomes anxious about his career and then gets an encouraging word from Em:

so crazy cuz i feel old af (22) and get mad i’m not a
megastar but then ill talk to Em and he’ll be like “Man, i wish i
was where you were when i was your age or that advance musically”

Shit makes me feel alottttttttt better

But Marshall is not the only figure that is looming over the young rapper. Nasaan is Proof’s son, and it means that he has big shoes to fill. Obviously, it is a daunting task that sometimes feels paralysing:

Yelling R.I.P. out to P, like his blood not that I bleed
I heir the throne, but didn’t want to breathe

Nasaan initially uploaded the track on YouTube only, but his followers pushed him to put the song on streaming platforms.

Watch Nasaan – “Underrated” below:

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