A young rapper from Detroit is fighting a rare condition.

Nasaan informed his followers of the situation in a series of tweets. Even in a hospital bed, Proof’s son is mainly concerned with his creative plans that suddenly came to a halt because of his illness.

Saan tweeted:

I honestly would of been dropped my music video if i wasn’t too busy dying in a ER in the middle of fucking Michigan 🙄

So basically i got this shit called rhabdo from lifting weights but we all cool love yall

Rhabdomyolysis occurs when muscle cells burst and leak their contents into the bloodstream, and yes, intense physical activity is one of the causes. It seems like Nasaan got it bad, but he is now recovering under medical supervision. However, the hip hop prodigy is going stir crazy in the hospital. It is his seventh day there, and Nasaan’s patience is wearing thin.

Hopefully, it won’t take long for him to get back to normal. All his fans are sending him the best wishes.

Get well soon, Nasaan!

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