Detroit’s young gun, NASAAN, has touched down with his highly anticipated debut album, “ERROR 404”.

After months of scorching singles, electrifying freestyles, and a unique online presence, NASAAN explodes onto the scene with a project that’s equal parts innovation and raw instinct.

On “ERROR 404”, NASAAN weaves a narrative through the tracks, taking us on a journey through the complexities of being a young artist navigating the digital age. The metaphor of Childish Gambino meets Joyner Lucas doesn’t sound too much of a stretch when it is spiced with a dash of NASAAN’s own undeniable charisma.

From the introspective bars of “DEVIL TO ATLANTA” to the braggadocious swagger of “GOATED”, NASAAN’s versatility shines through. He tackles social issues with unflinching honesty, celebrates his hustle with infectious energy, and never shies away from a witty punchline.

NASAAN’s production choices are equally impressive. The soundscapes are diverse, blending hip hop staples with electronic flourishes to create a futuristic, almost glitchy aesthetic. This creates a perfect sonic backdrop for NASAAN’s rapid-fire flow and thought-provoking wordplay.

This is not just a debut album; it is a calling card. NASAAN has officially arrived, and he is here to disrupt the game. With “ERROR 404,” he has laid down a marker, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. His father, Big Proof, would be proud.

Listen to NASAAN — “ERROR 404” below and tell us what you think:

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