The Boston rapper needed positive examples of success when growing up and Eminem provided him when inspiration.

That much Millyz said during his interview with AllHipHopTV. When asked about role models he looked up to when growing up Millyz was quick to respond:

Eminem was probably the one that made me go, “He did it, I can do it”. Because there wasn’t that example. Eminem, Paul Wall. As far as me, looking in the mirror like, okay, there are some serious white rappers.

There were some serious white rappers before Em, Millyz agrees with a host, but they were not on his radar. Which only confirms the enormous scale of Em’s influence. Another example is how Marshall’s legacy incorporated other artists’ contributions. Let’s take “Stan” and its memorable hook. Dido, who wrote it for her own single “Thank You” is on the credits, in the title and Marshall took her on stage to perform the song together. Yet the majority of new generation fans don’t have the slightest idea of who she is and associates the hook she wrote with “Stan” and Eminem only. Millyz, who built his own new song “Tonight” on that beat, is no different. So when the host tried to figure out why Millyz called this beat a “Stan” sample, the answer was simple:

I sampled the sample that [Eminem] sampled. I sampled Dido’s voice that he sampled on “Stan”. So, I sampled the “Stan” sample. Even when I put it out I said, “Yo, I just cleared the “Stan” sample!” To me it’s a “Stan” sample cause I don’t know the other song. But thank you to her.

Symptomatically, Rae Sremmurd, who used the same sample on their recent album, are of the same opinion and even struggle with pronouncing Dido’s name.

Watch the interview below:

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