One of the greatest NBA players in history captions a picture of him with Eminem’s lyrics.

In his Instagram stories, the all-time playoffs points record holder shared a still from the game that captured him mid-air and laid over the hit from “The Eminem Show”.

The lines LeBron has chosen describe how he feels his role on the court and, perhaps, in life:

I’m a soldier
These shoulders hold up so much
They won’t budge, I’ll never fall or fold up
I’m a soldier
Even if my collarbones crush or crumble
I will never slip or stumble

The basketball legend has shown appreciation of Marshall’s music before, and this is just another confirmation of how much deep and relatable content can be found in Eminem’s catalogue. Relatable to people who have made themselves winners, who have persevered through challenges to get better than they were at the beginning of the road.

Watch the video below:

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