Crook feels that Slaughterhouse could have been on the same level as Wu-Tang, NWA and Public Enemy. Kxng believes they still can catch up and says that Slaughterhouse crew is working on getting Joe Budden out of retirement.

He spent the last segment of his conversation with Choke No Joke on discussing Slaughterhouse fate. The loss of this hip hop super crew is still mourned by fans around the world and the Slaughters feel that their story was cut short. All but three members of Slaughterhouss recently admitted that they would like to revive the band. KXNG gave to a podcast host a brief outline of a state of affairs:

We are contractually still signed to Shady but Joe and Em had a beef for a second. Not like a real beef, like words back and forth. So Shady is not going to move, in my opinion, on anything that has Joe Budden’s voice on and Joe ain’t going to put his voice on nothing that got a Shady logo on.

But there is hope and it seems like other members of Slaughterhouse are not going to give up:

We are trying to get him out of retirement right now. I think he got one foot out of it. He’s almost there. We’re gonna get him out of retirement and have the original squad rock out. If I had say-so my vote would be for him and Eminem to sit down ‘cause I‘ve got love for both of them and I feel like I’m in the middle of that sometimes but I wish they sat down together and if I could help facilitate that, that would be great. Whether we do it on Shady or not I still think they need to sit down and talk like men. I mean, they don’t got to be friends they go their separate ways, that’s fine. And then I’ll feel more comfortable moving forward with Slaughterhouse.

Some people can question why this is even an issue. Joe Budden announced his retirement from hip hop years ago and it does not mean that his Slaughterhouse bandmates should stop doing what they love. Kxng does not want us to think that Joe works against a Slaughterhouse reunion. The issue here is more complex:

I don’t think he got a problem with a three-man Slaughterhouse moving on. Royce don’t want to break up the original squad and I don’t either. Royce, he’s just like, “Nah, it’s just more of an impact when it’s all four of us”. So it’s some things to talk about but we still all got love for each other. And right now Royce is producing so I feel like yo this is the perfect time for Slaughterhouse to re-emerge and reunite. Because once he got the beats on deck we could just go to Detroit to a studio and we can knock everything out and be straight. I think Joe is getting there.

Crook is very serious when he talks about Slaughterhouse and their untapped potential:

It had been eight years right since we dropped “Welcome To Our House”. That was eight years ago and people still talk about Slaughterhouse to this day. My thing is, within that eight years if we would have just let go of two more records, three more Slaughterhouse joints – y’all got to mention us with Wu-Tang, NWA, Public Enemy, Outcast! Because at that point we’d got the body of work. They know we’ve got a talent to be mentioned in the same breath with them. But we don’t got the body of work as a crew. If we got six albums out now we could come to that table and say what’s good. And get put in those hip-hop historic books that we want to see. So my voice and my vote as one-quarter of the Slaughter is “Let’s work!” Let everything else figure itself out. Let’s put the work in, let’s keep this legacy going.

See the conversation below:

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