TV nowadays produces entertainment of such quality that nobody can look condescendingly at it. It provides not only a distraction but also social critique and food for thought. We talk about shows we watch with our friends and so does Eminem.

As soon as Crook asked him this question, Marshall was ready to jump on the topic:

– Okay, let’s see, favourite TV series? Right now, currently.

– “Power”.

– “Power”?

– Yeah, you like it?

– Yeah, I watch “Power”, “Power” is ill.

– Incredible.

– You put me up on “Walking Dead”. I was watching “Boardwalk Empire” all the time,
and we were at the Lamb one time, and you were like, “Yo, you gotta check out ‘Walking Dead'” and you said it was some zombie shit. I was like, “I don’t know if I could do the zombie shit”,
and you was like, “No, you gotta watch it”, then I got fucking hooked on that shit. That shit was a great fucking series right there.

– “The Wire”, I mean, I’ve said that many times, but man, that’s like, cream of the crop. Like those shows that like, I don’t know, there’ll never be another one of those. Like those kinds, like “Breaking Bad”, incredible.

– Yeah man, “Breaking Bad” was the shit.

– “Power” is my shit, though, now, for sure.

– Shout out to Fifty!

– Yeah, man.

Not that different from your conversation with friends. If your favourite show is shot and produced by your other friend, like 50 Cent producing “Power”.

Watch this conversation below:

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