Back in the pandemic times when Verzuz was a thing, Kevin Durant stood up for 50 Cent and proved to his friends that Fifty wouldn’t be an easy prey for Lil Wayne. And he has not changed his opinion.

That was an episode that the Boardroom’s host Eddie Gonzalez reminded Kevin about during their recent interview. One of the greatest scorers of all time came to talk about his basketball shoe collection and future plans, but the love for hip hop culture is in his bones. So Kevin dived back to rehash the story:

A lot of people said that Wayne would just wash Fifty. We definitely disagree on that. I wouldn’t say Fifty is gonna flat-out wash Wayne, I won’t say that out of respect for Wayne. But it is not gonna be a clear-cut win for Wayne against 50 Cent and these records that he has from 2002 to, let’s say, 2007-2008. And I know Wayne went on the insane run after that, but that five or six years period for G-Unit and Fifty was incredible. It’s one of the best runs of all time in hip hop.

Looking back at Fifty’s rise to dominance in hip hop, Durant said:

It was a movement you couldn’t get in a way of. I think everybody sat back and watched Fifty do his thing from that time period and fit around that. The way Fifty has transitioned from being an artist to what he’s doing now – people may forget about that run that he went on. And a lot of people also think that it’s only “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”, and his catalogue is way deeper than that. With hits.

Kevin remembers, how back then, when the conversation about Lil Wayne Verzuz 50 Cent was still fresh, he would send his friends Fifty’s songs and every each one was at once a hit and a time capsule, reminding them of Fifty’s power. Eventually, they agreed with Kevin. But Fifty doesn’t live in the past, reminds the NBA legend:

He’s still a monster. A lot of shit and he’s had a 20-year run based off what he created back then and it has so many avenues that he built off that run. And he in turn had so many pivots in his career. Fifty, he is one of the greatest.

Watch the video below:

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