Joyner is back on his remix saga, discussing working with Eminem on the verse.

It’s been a while since the rapper from Massachusetts flexed his lyricism over a popular beat borrowed from a fellow player.

This time he remixed Pooh Shiesty’s 2020 hit “Back In Blood”.

Among other topics Joyner discussed fans expectations, talking from the perspective of a fan who is perpetually unsatisfied with the artist.

Something similar to what Eminem expressed on “These Demons” from M2BMB:

I want you to change, but don’t change
I want you to grow up, but don’t age
I want the rage, but don’t get too angry
I want the new, but old Shady
I want you to say what they won’t say
Just don’t go too far, but go cray
I want you to almost lose it, man
They keep movin’ the goalpost, don’t they?

However, Joyner has a very specific set of demands that are unfamiliar to Em but are well too known to anyone who has had successfully collaborated with Slim.

Lucas, who has Grammy-nominated joint “Lucky You” released on Eminem’s “Kamikaze” in 2018, cites his fans complaints on the new verse:

When you gon’ make some new music with Marshall?
When you gon’ pull some new shit out the arsenal?

This is true, every time Joyner Lucas announces a new release, the anticipation of a possible joint with Em sweeps across both fandoms. Could you blame the fans, though?

Listen to Joyner Lucas – Back in Blood (Remix) below:

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