Joell Ortiz Talks Eminem And Slaughterhouse In Twitter Q&A

Slaughterhouse MC is one of those hip hop stars who maintain a friendly relationship with their social media followers. He asks them for book recommendations, listens to their healthy food advice and discusses COVID vaccines. He also answers their questions about his music, past and future.

A recent wave of questions touched on some exciting moments if Joell’s career. He was open about how long it took to him to find his own voice in hip hope game:

Over 10 years

Joell shared that he sometimes experienced disbelieve of being in the same both with Eminem, early in his Slaughterhouse days:

However, it has never turned into being an intimidating experience, Joell rather found inspiration in this:

Never been intimidated in there. But being around Slaughter and Em was definitely inspiring.

Ortiz still misses his time with Slaughterhouse, a mighty bunch of powerful rappers and lyricist but also good friends with whom he liked to hang out:

One thing y’all may not know is that Every single member of Slaughterhouse is FUNNY AF!! Mannnn those tours were epic!! U had to be there…

Ortiz still holds on to the hope that their unreleased Slaughterhouse album will see the light of day and does not want to give out much about its content, but does not mind to name his favourite song he wishes he made:

I’d tell u my fave “Glasshouse” joint, but I’d like to keep hope alive that u just May hear it one day yourself… And I love Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”.

He also names 2Pac as his favourite West Coast rappers – together with KXNG Crooked, the one Slaughterhouse member he stays in touch the most and who was his collaborator on this year powerful EP “H.A.R.D.“.

Joell promises to release a new record in 2021 and inspires a new wave of questions about his possible joints. Ortiz confirms that his dream collab would be with Jay-Z and he is for sure ready to go on wax with Griselda members.