At 47 years of age and 12 Albums in is it any wonder why you can’t be bothered with all the promo stuff that artists get dragged into by Record Labels after an Album drops? You can certainly understand it. Imagine having to go to all those radio stations and TV late night shows getting asked the same questions over and over again. Especially this far into your career. Some might say with Kamikaze he didn’t do that which is correct but Relapse, Recovery and MMLP2 he was doing that X10.

Eminem has been on his promo shit since 1999. Now solidified as one of the greatest MC’s ever we can surely forgive him for his lack of promo this time? Yes as fans it’s frustrating as we see other artists promoting the hell out of their albums but will the majority of them survive and still be relevent 21 + years in the music industry like Em? Probably not.

It’s something we’re all going to have to get used to wherever we like it or not. I was a little pissed with the lack of promo for MTBMB at the start but after all the promo and effort he put into Revival and the hate it got I 100% understand why there isn’t much point in going all out especially this long in the game.

As the Interscope liaison told us. Notes passed to the promotion departments in which documents in bold stated that Eminem would not partake in any album promo.

Unfortunate and frustrating for the fandom yes but it is what it is and we might have to start getting used to it.

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