Ice-T: White kids Booed Eminem on Stage

The iconic Westcoast rapper is difficult to impress, but the first Eminem’s tape he heard captured his attention immediately.

The gangsta rap pioneer shared this memory on his recent interview with Silicon Beach podcast. He said to the host:

People always want me to hear their music. Honestly, it is very, very hard to get my attention as far as music. I am very into unique stuff, and unfortunately, most people are just replicating, repeating something they heard. It is nothing new; I want to get my mind blown. I remember when I first heard Eminem, somebody gave me a tape. And I am like, “This is crazy. A white boy is singing about putting his girl in a trunk. What the fuck is this?!” And the fact that he could really rap and that he was a white kid, that was dope. Now, there’s a lot of white kids rapping. So now it is like, okay, well, you kind of sound like Eminem. But he was one of the early ones. And his style was different, and it was unique, and he turned out to be a star. So if you want to be original, look and see what everyone else is doing — do not do that. But that is difficult for people.

Watch the video below:

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