In an interview with The Guardian Ice Cube again calls Eminem one of the best to ever touch the mic.

In a big piece compiled from questions that had come from members of public, Ice Cube had to talk about everything, from his break up with N.W.A, personal regrets, reparations for Black americans and more.

There was also a question in “your Top 5” tradition, but it was narrowed down to “the best 2” and a very specific genre of hip hop. So, we cannot declare that Ice Cube put Eminem in his Top 2. But we can certainly proclaim that the hip hop legend named Eminem in his Top 2 in battle rap.

If you had to choose two rappers to join your team in a rap battle, who would they be and why? writeronthestorm
Eminem is one of the best rappers that’s ever blessed the mic, and I feel the same way about Lil Wayne – I wouldn’t mind going into battle with those two.

If the question was not that oddly specific, Marshall would still be there. We know it from previous Cube’s interviews where he praised Marshall’s skills and included Em in his unranked Top 10.

Read Ice Cube’s in full on The Guardian website.

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