Benny was the only Griselda rapper with no individual contract with Shady,but it doesn’t stop him from recognising how much Shady Records did for the rise of Griselda. He will be forever grateful, says the Buffalo artist.

He says it on his home soil, he says it overseas, during the interview with a Polish blogger. Wini is a local youtuber, who talks to celebrities while driving around Warsaw. He got Benny in his car last month, when the Griselda rapper was in Poland on tour. Now, the interview is available on his YouTube channel, and there is a segment when Benny shouts out to Shady, Eminem, and, especially, to Paul Rosenberg.

Everybody knows Shady Records is the first guys who gave Griselda the first big shot. And we could never forget them for that, and we can never repay them for that. For trusting and believe in us. Shout out to Em! Shout out to Paul, shout out to Mike. Just everybody over there. Paul was very instrumental in the rise of Griselda, very instrumental. Pail always was nice to me. Even though I wasn’t all the way signed to Shady, even if I wasn’t a big artist, he was still nice to me. When they have meetings in Paul’s office — I go into the office and sit, and had a meeting with him. Paul always makes sure he spoke to me, always makes sure he was kind to me, always makes sure he told me like, “Yo, I see what you’re doing”. So, shout out to those guys. He’s the man, Paul is the man.

So, two out of three Griselda artists go around feeling grateful to a label that opened them the door to the industry and gave them an opportunity to be heard, and Westside Gunn goes from one controverse to another, while feuding with Eminem fans. That’s a sad score.

Watch the video below:

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