New Photo: Eminem, Houdini MV Photoshot by Jeremy Deputat

The “Houdini” magic spreads through the airways, opening new doors for Eminem.

We have been reporting on how the situation with the “Houdini” airplay is improving, and the good news is coming in every day.

We learned that the new single got to the Top 25 on US Pop Radio.

It is a very good starting point that reflects the growing audience and the growing number of radio plays.

As a result, ‘Houdini’ is making a rapid ascent. Now being played at 18 US radio stations, it’s cracked the US Overall Radio Top 100.

And it’s not stopping there – as we write this, it’s already climbed to No.93.

While this week’s performance might not be enough to push “Houdini” up on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it will certainly assist it. And let’s see what the following week brings us.

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