Hopsin offered a rather unusual line-up as his most appreciated rappers, dead or alive. But he has good reasons to praise Eminem and Crook.

Hopsin sat down for an interview with YouTuber Stevie Knight and faced this inevitable question. It took him some time to come up with the answer, partly because this is not an iron-cast list, explained the rapper:

Top 5 dead or alive… Sometimes it [changes]. It depends on how I feel, what mood I’m in. Let me see… So Eminem, Crooked I, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and Ludacris.
I can tell you why. Eminem — just because he is fucking Eminem. Crooked I — crazy flow, crazy flow patterns, crazy flow cadences, till this day unpredictable. When I hear rapper rap, and I can’t predict what the fuck they are going to say and that shit is hitting — it’s crazy. If I could define Crooked I’s flow, it’s like Mayweather with the block, with the dodging and hits, and then Tyson’s punch as well, combined together. It’s insane.

Hopsin agreed with the host that not enough people pay enough respect to the West Coast MC, who is much more than just part of the Slaughterhouse crew. Hopsin is not one of them, and the raise he sang for Crook during this interview is the testimony:

I know a lot of people identify me with Eminem, and all that is a big part. Crooked I, I am telling you, I have studied this man’s flow. Until this day.

Watch the segment below:

Full Interview:

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