Marshall leads the poll, but Duran Duran are slowly closing the gap.

It took Eminem four days to climb to No.1 on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan ballot. Since then, Em continues to exercise his dominance of the leaderboard. However, the Duran Duran fans keep pushing their favourites higher and higher. In recent days we saw that the gap between the leading position and No.2 was getting smaller. It came from over 20,000 votes just a couple of days ago to under 15,000. Eminem has slightly over 180,000 votes when Duran Duran – over 165,000.

It might seem as Marshall is far ahead in the game, but lest we forget that here, on this page everything depends on your vote. Do not get comfortable, keep the gap between Eminem and the rest of the Top 5 unreachable.

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