Eminem and GRIP 07.02.2021

Having finished the IDFT!? tour, Grip focuses on a new project with a tight deadline.

In a short tweet, Grip recapped his recent activities and mentioned that he wants to finish his new project before summer comes:

Aite tour done, stopped by sxsw now lemme finish this project before it warm up outside

However, this announcement provoked some impatient fans to do what many Shady Records artists seem to be destined to endure: insistent questions about Eminem. Grip, who is always open and graceful with his fanbase, have had enough and finally addressed one of the nosiest correspondents:

For future reference… I do not know when Em is dropping and even if I did don’t you think I would be told not to leak that type of info? Asking me that shit is pointless, so Bradley please never ask me that again ok? Thanks bro

Nasaan, who found himself in a similar position earlier because of his rumoured collaboration with Eminem, even printed a merch line “Troll Tears” inspired by this type of questions:

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