In a momentous celebration of the Vegas Golden Knights’ triumph as NHL champions, the dynamic festivities included hip hop icon, Eminem.

Although Marshall didn’t accompany the players to a nightclub, his presence was felt as the hockey stars commandeered the DJ booth. With the enthusiastic support of Steve Aoki, who was invited to provide the musical backdrop on that unforgettable night, they passionately rapped along to Eminem’s iconic track, “Lose Yourself”.

Adin Hill, the team’s talented goalkeeper, took the microphone and led the crowd in an energetic chant of the lyrics, amplifying the anthem’s motivational message of courage and resilience.

Naturally, the video of this incredible moment has already gone viral across various online platforms.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent himself attended the Golden Knights game in person. However, he wasn’t just there as a fan; he showcased his entrepreneurial spirit as well. Recently, he signed a multi-year partnership deal, establishing his brand of bubbly as the official champagne of the Golden Knights.

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