Eminem Gets Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Photos

The eighth most followed artist across all genres, the second most followed hip hop artist, and the most followed music act started in the pre-streaming era — Marshall has hit a new milestone.

Over two recent years, Em has added over 22 million Spotify users to his following. Meanwhile, the Spotify Top 10 of the most followed artists has lost Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, and Queen, while letting in Bad Bunny, BTS, and an artist from India Arijit Singh. Mind you, these two years Eminem has spent without releasing new albums, only occasionally dropping features and expanded editions of his older classic.

Most Followed Artists on Spotify (November 29, 2022):

1. Ed Sheeran — 105.3 million
2. Ariana Grande — 85.1 million
3. Billie Eilish — 72.2 million
4. Drake — 69 million
5. Justin Bieber — 67.6 million
6. Arijit Singh — 63.8 million
7. Taylor Swift — 62.6 million
8. Eminem — 62 million
9. Bad Bunny — 59.5 million
10. BTS — 57.8 million

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