Although probably not what everyone expected, Eminem’s dabble in the Fortnite universe was quite a mesmerizing experience. The designers have done their job well and given grace to the rap artist.

Yes, it is too bad the performance itself was so short-lived (a little over 3 minutes). And by the looks of it, this was just an attempt to sell virtual merchandise and maybe increase the fan base a little.

Well, what can you do, we’re guessing Marshall was not ready yet for a virtual event like this, or he wasn’t that into an idea of a virtual concert, or better yet, maybe he has something bigger in store for us and is working his big white ass off right this moment?

Well, anyhow, the Fortnite escapade was quite an experience with wormholes, and universes, and worlds shattering and tearing into other realms, an enormous MTBMB-version Marshall tearing down the show at the end and performing Godzilla. It was a short but engaging spectacle.

For those of you who want to revisit the experience, or if you missed it for some reason, we’ve made this video just for you:

Full stream:

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