Check out 50 Cent’s DJ dishing on the electrifying moment when Eminem took the stage with Fifty and expectations from the adaptation of Marshall’s life story to a TV screen.

DJ Kayotik, the childhood friend of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, is also the voice of G-Unit, 50 Cent’s official tour DJ, hitmaker, and movie director. Recently, he sat down with The Real Life Street Starz podcast to discuss his career, working with a friend like 50 Cent, the recent tour, and more. There were some questions, answering which DJ Kayotik directly referred to Eminem.

When asked about the most memorable moment on 50 Cent’s recent “Final Lap” tour, Kayotik highlighted the Detroit show. He described the electrifying atmosphere when Eminem joined 50 Cent on stage, their longtime friendship and collaboration adding a special layer to the experience.

Detroit was incredible because we brought out Eminem and the energy of the city itself, just bringing out one of his best friends in the industry that helped him to get where he is today. And to see the energy and his chemistry and commodity amongst them two was incredible. Aside from that, all the overseas stuff was incredible. But the entire tour itself was just incredible. Each city is different, every fan is different. It’s just the experience of a lifetime.

DJ Kayotik doesn’t even want to comment much when asked about Benzino’s beef with Eminem. He thinks all of it is a race for clickbaits, and he doesn’t want to entertain this. His perspective is clear:

Eminem is Eminem. He is part of the culture. He has embraced the culture. He paved the way and shaped the culture of hip-hop. Aside from what he did for 50, he’s a hell of an artist. Hell of a hip hop artist. You can’t take that away from him. He ain’t diamond for no reason.

Now, onto what really excites Kayotik: 50 Cent’s TV ventures. He’s hyped for the upcoming Eminem story.

That’s not a secret, he’s getting ready to do Eminem story. Him and Em have the ties that they have that whole intricate part of it and his rising from the Detroit scene. I’m interested in how he puts that together. You seen the content he puts out. It’s going to be top notch. So to see it coming to fruition, I’m looking forward to that. And I think he’s most excited about that as well. You got to get the green light from Em to say, “Do my story!” Best friends or not, Em could be like, “No!”

Watch the video below:

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