CyHi The Prynce, who has spent considerable time in the studio with Kanye West and Travis Scott, recently shared his insights about Eminem’s writing process. During an interview on My Expert Opinion, CyHi expressed his opinion that Eminem is a “top five” emcee. He firmly stated, “I don’t know what n–gas be talkin’ about like Em ain’t top 5. Em is top 5! I’m sorry.” However, it was the comment from co-host Mecca about Eminem having “no ghostwriters” that sparked an interesting discussion.

CyHi countered by pointing out that Eminem was surrounded by influential individuals during his formative years. He mentioned groups like D12 and Proof, emphasizing that these connections provided Eminem with valuable “thoughts,” “ideas,” and “experiences.”

While CyHi clarified that he wasn’t necessarily claiming these people wrote bars for Eminem, he stressed the importance of having meaningful content to rap about. According to him, having substance in lyrics outweighs mere rhyme schemes. After all, as CyHi put it, “there’s a lot of n–gas who can just rhyme and don’t be talking about s–t.”

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