K-pop stars are still tailgating Eminem’s sales numbers in China.

The Chinese music market is lucrative but notoriously difficult to penetrate. Many tried, but few succeeded. And one of these few is Slim Shady.

A k-pop fan account published recently selling numbers for solo male foreign artists. Of course, their numbers are lower than those of Taylor Swift, the main foreign act holding the Chinese music market in her palm and recently broke a record of over ¥180,000,000 ($25,130,187). But every success is relative, and Eminem is doing amazingly well in his segment. According to available data, he is the second most successful in the Chinese digital music market across all genres and, without a doubt, the most successful foreign hip hop male artist. The top four, reportedly, look as follows:

1. Justin Bieber — ¥43,493,152 ($6,072,172)
2. Eminem — ¥28,973,056 ($4,044,990)
3. Baekhyun — ¥16,392,041 ($2,288,528)
4. G-Dragon — ¥15,884,088 ($2,217,611)