Even people who hold a grudge against Eminem and respect hip hop pioneers cannot find a good word about Melle Mel’s recent embarrassing attempt of a diss.

You must still remember that last week Em responded to some of the most common accusations against him on the verse for the youngest Shady Records artist debut “Realest”. People at whom he aimed his rebuke were expectedly triggered. The Game turned to vague-posting, Lord Jamar went to a livestream to clumsily mock Marshall, and only Melle Mel took an honest old school road and decided to diss Em. It felt exciting to see a hip hop pioneer getting ready to a diss battle. Especially, considering that he had said before that to beat Em would be the easiest thing to do. The result of his effort indeed turned out spectacularly bad.

Whoever comments on Melle Mel’s diss has to counterbalance their negative assessment by obligatory proclamations of their respect and appreciation of his former achievements. Joe Budden was not an expection. He put a snippet of this diss on air during his recent podcast episode but was quick to put a stop to it, saying:

I’m gonna cut it off cause I know some of you all listening in a car. I’m not gonna do it to y’all. That was Melle Mel dissing Eminem. I guess, cause Eminem dissed him.

After some banter and confusion about who Ez Mil is, the ex-Slaughterhouse rapper addressed the ex-Grandmaster directly:

Melle Mel, thank you first of all, for everything. Secondly, don’t do this again. We want to honour hip hop and all of its pioneers. We don’t wanna hear from y’all niggas.

Watch the video below:

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