Southern rap star Boosie Badazz reveals that people in his world do not listen to Eminem’s music.

Boosie was asked his opinion on Dr. Umar denying Eminem the GOAT status based on Marshall’s skin colour. Boosie did not touch the race issue at all but noted that Marshall’s appeal as an artist is not universal. He said in his interview with Cam Capone News:

Where I’m from, we don’t listen to Eminem. I’m from the trenches. I never heard nobody come in my project playing Eminem. I’mma keep it real. When I hear him, I say he can rap. I always say that. I used to like that song, “Slim Shady”, but where I’m from, I’ve never heard one song in my project. I never heard Eminem one time in the speakers in my project. I gotta be honest. None of my friends never said put Eminem on. Play the new Eminem. I only saw it only on MTV and, you know, TV. Everybody has their greats. If you put ten people lined up on this coach, everybody’s going to tell you five different greats.
Some people look at it as rapping, some people look at it as all kind of stuff. I was always biased. I’m a street dude. I used to look down on people who wouldn’t be living that life. Some people say Eminem is Top 5, some people say he’s not. ’Cause music touches you in different ways. Eminem’s music did touch a lot of people. DMX music did touch a lot of people. DMX is in my Top 5 ’cause I always felt listening to his music that he really lived. Even though I wasn’t from New York, my street niggas still saluted him and played his music. I heard him in the hood. I can’t put people in my top if I never knew their music, if I only listened to a couple of songs and saw a couple of videos. You have to really touch me to feel your greatness. You have to be able to get in tune with the artist. I hear Eminem, I’ll be like, okay, I like that song. But I never went and bought the CD. I stood out of the store to buy Eminem’s CD. Tupac’s I did. Scarface I did. Pimp C, Bun B, I did that. Those were the artists I was in tune with.

That’s an example of how an artist can express their opinion without resorting to drama and slander. Fat Joe and Big Pun waited in line to get Eminem’s new album as soon as possible, and Boosie Badazz did not. There is enough space in hip-hop for everybody.

Boosie understands it and doesn’t make his opinion a universal standard. But when he saw Eminem taking a knee on the Super Bowl stage, he was not surprised and praised the solidarity Em showed, Boosie saidin his interview on VladTV.

Eminem is a stand-up guy. “I’m the only one out here of this colour, I’m gonna take a motherfucking knee. Let you know I’m with y’all”. Straight up. And plus, he’s from Detroit. He’s raised around us. He got a different love for us than most people who weren’t raised around us. People don’t know the love we have if you’re not raised around us, if you’ve never been around good black people.

Watch the video with the recent interview below:

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