The “Billie Eilish” star said that Eminem was the first artist that showed him how music can work towards self-expression and not follow the genre rules.

Armani has worked and toured with a wide array of artists, ranging from the electronic artists like Troyboi to hip hop artists like Big Sean and Big KRIT. However, explosive popularity came to him after his track “Billie Eilish” had taken over TikTok.

Now, the artist sat down with Drea in her Pink Room to talk about his relationship with music. One of her questions was about the first song that had made him emotional or set him on the path of self-discovery. Armani offered a deep and sinceere answer. While he was engaged in music, especially church music since his childhood, the artist who has changed his relationship with music was Eminem.

Once I discovered Eminem, I helped me understand that music is expressive Before that I just understood music as the score of what this realm of life is. For gospel or church it was like, this person is making music for church, this person is making music for the club, this person is making music for the rave. With Eminem was the first time when I was like, oh, he’s just making music for him. Just to say something. And it really got to me. I was like, huh, maybe I could this thing for me. Just make something for me and something that I like. You know, just be expressive.

Watch the video below:

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