Marshall has hit a new milestone in his streaming career.

He has not changed his position in the Top 10 most followed artists, remaining at No.8 but the number of his followers looks nicer.

1. Ed Sheeran — 108.3 million
2. Ariana Grande — 87.1 million
3. Billie Eilish — 75.3 million
4. Drake — 71.2 million
5. Justin Bieber — 69.3 million
6. Arijit Singh — 68.1 million
7. Taylor Swift — 66.5 million
8. Eminem — 65 million
9. Bad Bunny — 63.3 million
10. BTS — 60.4 million

Marshall is ranked sixth in the followers’ daily gains on Spotify with an average of 44,374 new users joining his following on the streaming platform every day. And mind you, Em marked the previous milestone of 64 million followers three weeks ago, in early January.

Em’s audience expands dramatically and he is doing virtually nothing to boost it. Marshall’s music does it for him.

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