The Marshall Mathers LP 20 Years On

Another collaboration with Nate Dogg, an MMLP single and a rendition of Beth Midler’s hit have all reached a new milestone on the streaming platform.

Eminem produced “My Name” and recorded a verse together with Nate Dogg for Xzibit’s album “Man vs. Machine”. He used a sample from his joint with Dr. Dre, “Say What You Say”, and from Xzibit’s own Jermaine Dupri Diss to carry the point across to the audience.

A closing track from “Revival”, “Arose”, also celebrates a significant milestone. This heartwrenching story of loss and overcoming death might have deserved more attention, but even if not a club banger, this song has a dedicated following of fans who can listen.

And finally, “I’m Back” from “The Marshall Mathers LP” marks earning 50 million streams as well. This boisterous statement from Slim Shady was released as the fourth single from the album, but its success was overshadowed by trendier tracks.

It might be the right time to give these songs another listen.

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