Shady Records alumnus Yelawolf recorded a feature for fellow southern artist Jelly Roll mentioning Marshall in personal lyrics.

New Jelly Roll’s song “Unlive” is recorded for his upcoming album “Whitsitt Chapel”, and like many of his songs, it deals with the trauma of growing up in the poorest and most deprived corners of Tennessee. Yelawolf, who has a similar background and shares a creative vision with Jelly Roll, added an energetic rap verse to an otherwise country-styled song.

In his verse Yealwolf is talking about his own experience of getting out of poverty and desperation and breaking the circle of generational trauma, mentioning Eminem as one of the factors that helped him break through:

I was in Alabama at the trailer park, bangin’ my head on the wall
Before I could buy my little girl a doll
Before Eminem ever gave me a call
I had that feelin’ that you have
But I hit that roof and that life flashed
Look around, sit down, and write that
And Yelawolf took off on white trash

There were rumours that Yelawolf had left Shady Records under the cloud, but in actuality, he has never expressed anything but respect and gratitude to Marshall. Looks like nothing has changed much since Yela recorded a collaboration with Eminem for his second studio album under Shady Records, “Love Story”.

Yelawolf — “Best Friend” feat. Eminem below:

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